Thursday, 24 January 2013

Something new......

Surprise! It has been about a week since I did my last post, but I got something new to show you! I have made something called the Etha Oscars. The Etha Oscars it's sort of like the academy awards but I pick my favourite movies in different categories.

      Here are the the first nominations of the Etha Oscars: 

Best Picture Nominations

1.Lemony Snicket's, a Series of Unfortunate Events


3.A Boy Named Charlie Brown


5.Snoopy Come Home

6.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2

7. The Adventures of Tintin

8. Rango

Best animated film nominations


2.Toy Story

3.Toy Story 2

4.Toy Story 3


7.The Adventures of Tintin

8.Finding Nemo

9.Monsters Inc.

Best animated short film

1.The Amazing Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lesmore


3. Mike's new car

4. Red's dream

5. Presto

6. The adventures of Andre and Wally B.

More nominations coming up!

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