Saturday, 28 March 2015

Landsdowne Park New Movie Theater!

Hello readers,

Guess what! I went to the new Lansdowne Park VIP theater (Which opened Friday [Yesterday]) and it was amazing! The whole theater is very fancy and really cool, and it has 3 popcorn stands (On each floor), one candy bar (in the VIP), a frozen yogurt shop, and an arcade! The theater has 10 screens (4 VIP, 5 Normal, and 1 Ultra AVX D-box screen!) I would like to say "thank you" to Shawn D (Manager of Cineplex in Eastern Ontario), who gave me an awesome tour of the new theater and as well two free movie tickets! Thank you Shawn!

Now it's time to show you the interior of the building! Let's start off with the first floor, which has an arcade (Xsacpe), a Frozen Yogurt Shop, The Box office, and a fun Cineplex magazine game! In the arcade I played a couple of games and in the yogurt shop, I had a chocolate frozen yogurt!


The Second Floor has 4 theaters, a party room, and one food popcorn stand!


The Third Floor has the four VIP theaters and the Ultra AVX with D-box screen! As well, with a candy bar in the VIP and a popcorn stand in the Ultra AVX section! Also, a small gallery of movie freeze frames from a lot of famous films!

And here is the Exterior of the New Theater!

Thank you Shawn D for giving me the awesome tour!

See you in my next post! :)