Monday, 4 March 2013


Uhhh, sorry readers for not posting anything for the past two weeks. Let's pretend it never happened okay? Any who, what I have for you to show you today is something very interesting. This might be the most interesting post I ever did in fact! This is what I have for you today readers!

You remember this, don't you?
It's the Etha Oscars! All final nominations are going to be released this Friday and the awards is going to take place March 16th  (That's St. Patrick's Day readers!).
Two similar posters of the same thing. I know readers, I know readers. I know what your asking in your head. What in the world is Frankendoll!? Well Frankendoll is a stop motion movie that I'm working on. The movie is about a man who has a daughter and she died in a accident, and then four years later the man finds a way how to bring the daughter back to life. But the experiment went wrong.....
This is one of the films that are going to be at the David Cuevas Film Festival!
Opps! I forgot to tell you what the David Cuevas Film Festival is about. Every year in August, I David Cuevas will show one of my best films I did this year. This year is going to be the first David Cuevas Film Festival. The days of the film festival will be August 12th-18th, 2013. One of the films that is going to be at the Film Festival is going to be Frankendoll. If you love movies then come online and see the Film Festival!

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