Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Armadillo in my hair!

This is what you all been waiting for. A week and two days ago, I gave you a mystery clue of what I'm going to revel now! Drum roll please! And the thing that I'm going to show you is....

                A Poem called Armadillo in My Hair!
  Here's a sneak peek of my poem!

It started one day, when I was combing my hair. I brushed and crushed my hair while I was bruised and pushed by my little brother Mush. I was late for the bus, because of my little brother Mush. My little brother Mush was bothering me so much, I putted a Armadillo on my head, then a bandana instead!

And that was the sneak peek! If you want the full story, email me at "davidcamilocg@gmail.com"!

See you in my next post!  

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