Sunday, 15 March 2015

Wild Tales and Little Stories!

So, yesterday and Today, I went to the bytowne cinema, for the first time this march break and this year, to see 2 very good feature length film. The first one (that I watched yesterday) is "Wild Tales", a foreign film from Argentina which got nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. The film is an anthology, so which means the film is made out of short stories around on theme. This film has 6 short stories, and it's and interesting black comedy of society in Argentina. Wild Tales is rated 14A here in Canada! The film is definitely not for kids, because of it's over the top violence and a lot of subtitled cussing. Right before we move on, my favorite short story from the movie would be the shortest, the plane crash scene, which only lasted 3 minutes and my least favorite one would be the second last one, where the police is trying to find a person who killed a lady who was pregnant in a car accident (caused by drunk driving), and the person who caused the incident was a son of a very rich person. The second movie is much more kid friendly. It's called Minuscule Valley of the lost ants, which is part of the divercine film festival. The film is a silent cgi animated film, and it's about a lost lady bug who has a broken wing (this sounds like the character nemo, from finding nemo, but as a lady bug) and tries to find his parents (but in reality, they abandoned the lady bug), and in his adventure he meets a cast of interesting characters and a interesting plot behind something that I won't spoil. The film has great animation, and it more of a rate G movie than anything. So, those were the two movies that I saw at the Bytowne this first March Break Weekend. See you in my next post!

Trailer of Minuscule
Trailer for Wild Tales

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