Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Best of 2013!

Hello readers,
 2014 is coming close! To remember 2013, I made three lists! The lists are the Top Ten Movies of 2013, the Top Ten Short Films of 2013, and the Top Ten Books of 2013!

Today! Were going to start with the Top Ten Short Films of 2013!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the review!

11. (optional) Oh Willy!

This short, was actually the most weird short on this list! But the story is awesome and everyone should see it! Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels did an awesome work with the stop motion and the puppets! Hope they make a new short soon!

10. Youkosobokudesu Selection 'Na Ni Nu Ne No No!

なにぬねのの Na Ni Nu Ne No No from Manabu Himeda on Vimeo.

Na Ni Nu Ne No is a funny film with very well designed characters! This 2 minute short will leave you with laughs and giggle all the way! Every one should really watch this short film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Rollin Safari!
Rollin Safari is one short that's going to make you laugh out loud! It's funny artistic animals leave you amazed for the whole 2 minutes and it's a joy even if you see over a hundred times! A must see!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Written by a Kid 'La Munkya'!
Here's another comedy folks! Written by a Kid 'La Munkya' is a funny, enjoyable, unpredictable, weird film for all ages! This has a very hilarious story and very well done animation! Hope you like it!
7. Piggy's Big Day!
Piggy's Big day is a cute little film for all ages! It has a great and excellent message for kids and it has my favorite type of animation style.... Paper Cut! This video is really well done and anyone can watch this! 
6. The Smortlybacks!
This is the most abstract short film that I ever saw! It's unique characters and animation just left me hanging the first time I saw this film! This movie is awesome and every one should watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Strange Creature!
Here come another family favorite! Strange Creature is an colorful imaginative short that will entertain you all the way! It's nice art style will leave you jaw dropping all the way! A must see!!!!!!!  
4. Tome of the Unknown!
Here come another comedy! This awesome film will give you giggles and delight the first time you'll see it! Cartoon Network did an awesome job on this short! Anyone who loves comedy's should watch this short!
3. TIE!!!!!!!!!! The Little Blond Boy with a White Sheep and Virtuoso Virtual!
Two really good films here! The reason why I picked The Little Blond Boy with a White Sheep is because of it's art style and very well done Characters! The reason why I picked Virtuoso Virtual is for the animation and the music! Adding music and animation together with ink? It's Genius!

2.TIE!!!!! Mickey Mouse Get a Horse and The Blue Umbrella!
The reason why I picked Mickey Mouse Get a Horse is for the awesome animation! Mixing 2D animation and CGI animation was so amazing! The short is funny all in all! The reason why I picked the Blue Umbrella is for the story! It's the cutest love story I have ever seen and I loved the emotion between the two!

1. But Milk Is Important!

But Milk Is Important Trailer from Anna Mantzaris on Vimeo.

This Short has an awesome story to go with it! The animation is awesome! I saw hundreds of shorts this year but none of them were like But Milk is Important! It inspired me and it's an awesome example of animation! Every one should see it!

Well that's all for now!
See you in my next post!

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