Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Achilles, A Hero who Died Just Because of his Heel!

Welcome back to the Odysseus hall of fame! Today were going to present....

Let me tell you Achilles back story...

When Achilles was a baby, her mom Hera brought her to the river of sphinx. The river has magical powers to make you invincible or other known as immortal. Hera decided to dump him in the river and make him invincible. But what Hera did not know was that she was holding Achilles by the heel. So all of his body except his heel was invincible. When Achilles was older and was an adult, he joined Odysseus and his crew to fight in the trojan war. 5 years later, when Achilles was in war, the trojans knew Achilles secret. So in the middle of battle, one of the trojans threw an arrow at Achilles heel. Sadly, the trojan that threw the arrow must of won a gold medal in Archery at the olympics and aimed very well. Achilles died. Did you know another word for the heel is the achilles?

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