Friday, 6 September 2013

Feeling Greek?

You might be wondering why I haven't posted anything for about 5 months! Well I was terribly busy in my writing and in my drawing, but now, I have lot's of things to show you from my big break. I decided to show you some of the stuff I did:

1. I won two writing contests! The first contest was the awesome authors contest in the Ottawa Public Library. I won a honorable mention in the category short story 9-12 and I will get my short published in a book that's called Pot-Pourri 2013. This was the first ever story I ever got published.

2. I won a Spanish writing contest by Qantati Junior for my story, Mi Culebra Macarena. You can visit  the Qantati Junior website to see my story.

3. I had many school activities counting student led conference, book fair, environmental fair, and the fun fair.

4.  I was sick for a week!

5. And then came summer and la dee da da! (so you get the point, right?)

6. Sadly, I needed to cancel the Etha Oscars and the film festival.

Any who, I wanted to show the thing that I'm going to show to you. I'm going to show you the Odysseus hall of fame. <those two sentences were like of tongue twisters> Now, right now I won't tell you about Odysseues so lets start off with the first person of the hall of fame.

Yep, You guessed it folks... It's Hercules!
See you in my next posts for more heroes!

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