Friday, 27 September 2013

My Experience at the OIAF... (Part 2)

My experience at the OIAF.....  (Part 2)

In my last post, I was talking about my first two days at the OIAF (Ottawa International Animation Festival). Today, I'm going to continue telling you about my experience at the OIAF. Hope you enjoy!!!
                                        Friday, September 20, 2013
Today in the afternoon I went to the Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse "Get a Horse". Here's a link:

I really loved the short! You can see the short in theaters when the movie Frozen comes out to theatres! The whole thing was excellent and I learned how they made the short! Here's a  few picture of me with Lauren MacMullan (Fun Fact: Did you know that she is the first female director to ever work in Disney?) and the legendary  Disney animator, Eric Goldberg (He is one of the few Disney animators who still knows how to do 2D animation and he directed Pocahontas).

                                                                 Me with Lauren MacMullan!
                                                                  Me with Eric Goldberg!
       Oh by the way, did I tell you that they were handing out posters to be signed by Eric and Lauren?
                                                         Me with a poster!

                 Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Saturday, In the morning, I went to Saint Brigid's Centre for the arts, to see "The Blue Umbrella" finding stories and staying true to their heart. Here's a link:
The whole thing was awesome!!!!! I loved how Saschaka Unseld explained the process of the short, from the pitch to the final version! I just love professional developments! Any who, I got a picture of me with Saschaka Unseld signing a poster that they were handing out for free!

                                            Saschaka Unseld giving out his presentation!
                                           Me getting a poster signed by Saschaka Unseld!
                                             Here's a little clip of the blue umbrella!

Before I went, there was a Nickelodeon station to talk out with the people that work there. I met a lady named Veronica Esquivel, who works at nickelodeon. She was very nice!
                                                Me talking with Veronica Esquivel!
Then, I had lunch at the National Gallery of Art!
Remember how I told you  in my last post that when you win the contest you get to be a part of the kids jury? Well that's when I come in!!!!!!! I'm judging television animation for kids competition!
Here's a link!
You'll see who won later...

The awards ceremony!!!!!!
Here's the winners of Television for Kids competition!!!!!

Oh, and the last bit of the video, was a student called Manabu Himeda from Tama Arts University in Japan! Here's a picture of me with him...
I also got a picture of the director of the group from Tama Art University!!!!!

 Oh! And this is a picture of what they won!!!!!
Oh! That reminds me!!!! I have a few pictures of the people who won from television for kids competition!
SpongeBob (Rich Magallanes)...

Regular Show...

Adventure Time...

                                             This next picture shows me with JG Quintel...

Here's a few (but in this case a few, it means A LOT!!!!) of the awards night....

And then you can't believe who I met after the awards.....
I met Adam Elliot!
Don't remember him from the last post? Well here's a few things that might help you remember...

Now you remember... Well, I got his autograph and I have a few pictures of me with him,
 that I would like to share...

                                                       And that was the end of that day....

Wait! I forgot to tell you something!!! I met a group of animation students from San Jose California, Fiona and friends, they were very nice. If you want to learn more about Fiona, go to this link.

Now to the next day...

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