Friday, 18 September 2015

David The Reporter.... At OIAF 2015!!! Friday, September 18, 2015!

Hello Everybody,

My name is David Cuevas and here was my third day at OIAF 2015!

The First thing that I did was go to Toon Appreciation Day! Before Canadian Student Competition happened, I went and interviewed all the schools!

The First one college/university that I interviewed was Algonquin College from Ottawa! I met with two very young students from Algonquin who's names are Amanda and Shawn!
The Second School that I interviewed was Concordia University from Montreal! The University it self is very cool and I recommend checking out the stop motion festival hosted by Professor Erik Goulet!
Last but not least, I interviewed Sheridan College from Toronto! Sheridan is a very awesome art school and famous people like Dean Deblois (Director of How to Train Your Dragon 2) studied there! I would like to give a shout out to Mario Positano, who's a very nice guy and teacher at Sheridan!
After the interview's with all the university's/college, I went to see Canadian Student Competition!
Some of my favorites from that screening are BluBlök, Happy Loneliness, Kaleidoscope, Fears, Night of the Cordyceps, Kuekuatsheu, Michi, Religatio, Mother, and The Casebook of Nips & Porkington!!!


Canadian Student Competition

The Casebook of Nips & Porkington

After this Awesome Event, I went to Internation Student Showcase! Some of my favorites from that Screening were The Moustache, Wire Cutters, Flaws, Blindy, Heavy as A Hill, Waiting For The BOOM!, The Yellow Ball, Flirting or Coquetry, and Pombo Loves You!

Pombo Loves You



After the two Awesome Screenings, I went to see Karel Zeman Film Adventurer, which is an interesting documentary about Karel Zeman and his visual effects that he used on his films! In my opinion, I just found the Doc okay, BUT it was very informative!

After the long morning and afternoon at the National Gallery, I went to the Bytowne to see Karel Zeman's Invention for Destruction! A very interesting but slow film with great visuals and a fantastic commentary on society!

The last screening that I went to was to see Over The Garden Wall on the Big Screen! This event was sold out and it was actually the 4th time that I watched the whole entire series! The experience was awesome and I will never forget the memories!

Well that was a fun day!
See you in my next post!

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