Sunday, 20 September 2015

David The Reporter.... At OIAF 2015!!! Sunday, September 20, 2015!

Hello Everybody,

My name is David Cuevas, and this is the last day of OIAF 2015!

The First thing that I did, was to head to the Arts Court Theater to see "Meet the Filmmakers of Short Film Competition 5"! The discussion in general was hilarious and very well discussed! Also, Patrick McHale came along into the discussion which I thought personally was awesome!
After the fantastic discussion, I got to interview Sarina Nihei, the Director of Small People with Hats (Who won the grand prize for best short film, and is the first filmmaker in OIAF history to win the grand prize as a graduate animation!)

After I interviewed Sarina, I then interviewed Matisse Gonzalez, The Director of "Planeta De Queso!"

After this event, I went to see Short Film Competition 2 at the Bytowne! The screening it self might be my least favorite of OIAF 2015. My favorites from this event are Sillon 672, When I was Done Dying, Pekk, Filmfabrik, Car Face, and A Single Life!

After the Meh Screening, I went to see Animated Series For Kids Competition at the Arts Court Theater! Some of my favorites from this event are Bear and Bird, Kung Fu Bunny "The Mosquito's Revenge", Coyote and the Rock, and Regular Show "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special"!

After this fun and Entertaining Event, I went to see Hotel Transylvania 2! Just before the Show Started, I got to interview, Michael Kurinsky (who is a production designer at Sony Pictures Animation!
As For the Film itself, I can't say much about, but I can say that the film is absolutely better then the First Film!

After the screening, I took a small break and after that, I headed to see my last screening of OIAF 2015, Best of the Festival! As I said before, the jury this year was brilliant, and I thought all the films that won were well chosen! For the first time, out of all three times that I've been at the OIAF, this has been the only Best of The Festival Screening that I enjoyed or like all the shorts from the screening! Some of my Favorite Shorts from the Screening were Violet, Mynarski Death Plummet, Jazz Orgie, and of course, World of Tomorrow

Wow! This year at the OIAF has been huge!!!! Well, I had my fun! See you next year OIAF!
See You In My next post!

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