Wednesday, 16 September 2015

David the Reporter... At OIAF 2015!!!! Wednesday September 16!

Wednesday at the OIAF!

Hello everybody,
My name is David Cuevas, and here was my first day at OIAF 2015! :)

In the Morning, I went to Meet the Networks at TAC! I managed to talk to all the networks and they were very nice! The first one that I talked too was Aaron Simpson, who works at Walt Disney Television in VP- Development. Here is my interview with Aaron!

The next person that I talked to was Linda Simensky, who is the Vice President of PBS kids! Sadly, my microphone backfired on Linda's interview and so it did not work! But, she is very nice and it was an honor to meet her and talk to her! Don't forget to check out Nature Cat, a new show released by PBS kids which comes out this November!

After Linda, I met Athena Georgaklis, who works at Teletoon as the Director of Content! Here is my interview with Athena!

Last but Not Least, I met with Angela Lin, who is the head of Youtube kids! Sadly, the same thing that happened to Linda happened to Angela, so the interview failed! But, I really recommend checking out the new app called YouTube Kids, which I believe is available in the States right now!! It's the perfect app for kids to watch YouTube on!
After Meet the Networks, I went to 2 really interesting discussions! The first one was called "Content Development: Process Value of Across Platforms", which was a really interesting! The second discussion after that was "2D VS 3D, Is it the big decision?", which was a very intellectual talk based on the point of view of animators! After that, the last thing that I saw at TAC, was to go to the One On One talk with Rob Sorcher Panel. The panel with Rob Sorcher was really brilliant and I learnt a lot about Cartoon Network! Here is my interview with Rob Sorcher!
After that, I talked to 2 ladies from Costa Rica, talking about Costa Rican Animation! There name are Lora and Irene! Here is my interview with them! :)
After that, I headed to the 7 PM screening of the Magic Mountain! The film was good in general and I learnt a lot from it! Here is my mini vlog review on the film!

After The Magic Mountain, I headed to Short Film Competition 1, which in general was a nice screening! Some of my favorite shorts we're: Ernie Biscuit, Violet, Mynarski Death Plummet, Sonámbulo, Myself Smoke, The Stop "Good Food For All", Strome Carmen, and The Five Minute Museum!

Mynarski Chute Mortelle

The Five Minute Museum

The Stop 'Good Food For All'

Thanks for Reading, See you in my next Post!

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