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David The Reporter.... At OIAF 2015!!!!!!! Saturday, September 19, 2015!

Hello everybody,
My name is David Cuevas and here was my fourth day at OIAF 2015! Enjoy!

In the Morning, I headed to Saint Brigid's for the Animation Career Fair! The Fair was actually really big, and I managed to interview 75% of the company's/studios/University's that were there! Here we go! :)

The First Company that I interviewed was Frame Store, a Visual Effects company that made the visuals for films like Gravity and The Dark Knight!
Up Next is Guru Studios, who created some awesome show recently such as Justin Time!
Up next is 9 Story, the famous studio that created iconic shows such as Wild Krats and Numb Chucks!
Up next is the famous Portfolio Entertainment, the studio that made the awesome new Cat in The Hat series and the new show coming out very soon, Freak Town!
Next up is Copernicus Studios, a studio based in Halifax, with Awesome shows such as Teen Titans GO!
Last But Not Least, I interviewed Mercury Film Works, the Studio that's making Atomic Puppet, Wander over Yonder, and Jake and The Neverland Pirates!
After these awesome interviews, I went to see behind the scenes of Sanjay's Super Team, Pixar's newest Short, which is releasing with the Good Dinosaur! All what I can say right now is that it's one of the most colorful, creative, and memorable Pixar short to date!

After this amazing presentation, I met the director of the Short, Sanjay Patel! Sanjay is a very nice guy and he was very nice to me! Here is my exclusive interview with Sanjay, in which he talks about the inspiration and making off the film!

After Sanjay's brilliant presentation, I went to see the Making off Over The Garden Wall, with the creator Pat McHale! I'm a HUGE fan of Over the Garden Wall, and I've already seen the whole show over 3 times! It was an honor to be at this event! After the awesome presentation, there was an awesome poster signing and there, I managed to get an Interview with Patrick McHale!
After the interview, I actually also got to interview Steve Wolfard, who is a famous story board artist who works at Cartoon Network, and has worked on several Famous shows such as Adventure Time!

Before I left to have a small break, I interviewed the Director of Kaleidoscope from Canadian Student Competition, Catherine Dubeau!
After a small break, I headed to the Awards Ceremony! Before the ceremony started, I actually interview Tom McSorley, who works at the CFI! It was a true honor to meet him!

As for the awards ceremony, It WAS AWESOME! This years jury was fantastic in my opinion, and all the films that they choose were excellent! Also, I'm so happy that World Of Tomorrow won the DHX Prize for Best Public Prize! Here is a bunch off photos that I took of the Awards Ceremony in motion!


And Now, For the Whole List of Winners!
Grand Prize for Best Independent Short Animation
Small People With Hats | 2014 | Sarina Nihei | UK | 6:51 | Graduation Animation
“[Small People With Hats] is a brilliantly written absurd script with a compelling visual picture and sound that successfully interprets a political reality of our time.” – Competition Short Jury statement.
Grand Prize for Best Animated Feature
Over The Garden Wall | 2014 | Patrick McHale | USA, South Korea | 110:41 | Animated Feature
“The Grand Prize goes to the film that expressed the awe and wonder we felt as kids with a mix of amazement and magic, while realizing that scary things might not be as scary as they seem. For its unbridled romp through the joy and darkness of growing up, the award goes to Patrick McHale’s Over The Garden Wall.” – Competition Feature Jury statement.
Honourable mention to La Montagne Magique (The Magic Mountain) by Anca Damian.
Cartoon Network Prize for Best Narrative Short Animation
Isand (The Master) | 2015 | Riho Unt | Estonia | 18:00 | Narrative Short Animation
Prize for Best Experimental/Abstract Animation
The Five Minute Museum | 2015 | Paul Bush | Switzerland, UK | 6:20 | Experimental/Abstract
Prize for Best Undergraduate Animation
Violet | 2015 | Ryan Ines | USA | 5:56 | Undergraduate Animation
Walt Disney Animation Prize for Best Graduation Animation
Loop Ring Chop Drink | 2014 | Nicolas Ménard | UK | 9:45 | Graduation Animation
Prize for Best Commissioned Animation
Jazz Orgie | 2015 | Irina Rubina | Germany | 0:53 | Commissioned Animation
Prize for Best Short Film Made For Children
Compte les moutons (Counting Sheep) | 2015 | Frits Standaert | France, Belgium | 7:00
Prize for Best Animated Series Made for Children
Bird and Bear | 2014 | Dan and Jason | USA | 4:31
Award for Best Script
World of Tomorrow | 2015 | Don Hertzfeldt | USA | 16:30 | Narrative Short Animation
Award for Best Design
Loop Ring Chop Drink | 2014 | Nicolas Ménard | UK | 9:45 | Graduation Animation
Award for Best Animation Technique
Alateadvuse maja (House of Unconsciousness) | 2015 | Priit Tender | Estonia | 10:41 | Narrative Short Animation
Award for Best Sound
Small People With Hats | 2014 | Sarina Nihei | UK | 6:51 | Graduation Animation
DHX Public Prize
World of Tomorrow | 2015 | Don Hertzfeldt | USA | 16:30 | Narrative Short Animation
Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation
Mynarski chute mortelle (Mynarski Death Plummet) | 2014 | Matthew Rankin | Canada | 7:46 | Narrative Short Animation
Honourable mention to Sonámbulo by Theodore Ushev and Focus by Alex Boya.
VIA Rail Prize for Best Canadian Student Animation
Fears | 2015 | Nata Metlukh | Vancouver Film School | 2:08
Honourable mention to Religatio by Jaime Giraldo, Vancouver Film School
Wait Wait Wait! I'm still not done!

After the Awards Ceremony, I got to interview Nata Metlukh (The Winner of best Canadian Student Animation for Her Film Fears) and Honorable Mention for the Same Category, Jaime Giraldo!
After those two awesome interviews, I interviewed a Very Awesome Animator, Pillar Toons! Here's my interview with Pillar!

After I interviewed Pillar, I got to interview Cal Arts Professor and the director of Animation Talent Development at Walt Disney Television, Brooke Keesling!

Last but not least, I interviewed Saschka Unseld, one of the jury members of this years OIAF, and if you remember, The Director of The Blue Umbrella (Which came out if Monster's University in 2013)!
WOW! It was truly an Awesome Day!
See you in my next post!

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