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Thank You OIAF 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everybody,
My name is David Cuevas, and before I finish my OIAF 2015 recap, I would like to say a couple things!

1. I would love to say Thanks to Kelly Neal (For making me the official Kid Reporter of OIAF 2015) and Azarin Sohrabkhani (for letting me into the Pitch This activity and most of TAC)! You two rock!!!

2. Whoever put this photo in the official OIAF 2015 magazine is awesome!!!

3. In dedication of OIAF 2015, I made this short video of me, all around the 5 Amazing days at the OIAF/TAC!

4. Finally, Below, you can see my list of the top 10 Short Films of  OIAF 2015 plus a couple Honorable Mentions! Enjoy!
Before you head on below, I would like to say again, one more time, THANK YOU OIAF 2015!!!

My Top 10 Shorts of this Years OIAF!

Before we start, if you see a film that has a ** on it, it means that I saw the film at the screening room! If it does not have the **, then I saw at a screening! Lets Begin!

1. World of Tomorrow

Where do I begin with this one! The story and script itself was very well handled in a very stylized way. The film execution was terrific and it was very well played with the commentary! The way it was animated is equally Innovative and Charming! And it's society commentary is both smart and Hilarious! World of Tomorrow is a 10/10 film, with funny moments and a fantastic script!

2. Pombo Loves You

The one word that I would describe this short is just plain Haunting. The film is very well executed with very slick movements! The Characters are fully developed from the start to finish of the film, which goes through a terrifying third act! The film is about trying to let things go, and even though this seems to be done hundreds of times before, this concept and story is fresh and new!

3.**Loop Ring Chop Drink

This is most likely the darkest film on this list! The film is basically about life. How people struggle, how people find there place in the world in the worst of situations, and how a very odd conflicts can change your life! The film is equally tragic and dark, but also has some hilarious moments while with a very colorful animation style!

4. Planeta de Queso

1 Minute short film? WHAT CAN YOU DO!!!???? Planeta de Queso is the answer! It succeeds and will please every audience member while entertaining them! The film is both smart and inventive, while using it's amazing animation styles with it's short but awesome story!

5. Mynarski Death Plummet

It's one of the best love letters to a historic event that happened in a great war! The film has a fantastic animation technique while using a haunting score. This 7 minute long epic War piece is a defiantly mandatory to watch!

6. Waiting For The Boom

Haunting? YES! Electrifying? YES! Utterly Amazing? YES!!! Waiting for the boom is a chilling true story, while using quick and slick drawings to represent a thrilling concept!

7. Violet

Most likely the most funny short film of OIAF 2015, Violet is both smart and hilarious when using it's comedic timings which creates comedy GOLD!

8. Wrigley Live Safe

If a commercial can keep a tune inside your head and also make you remember it for over a week, then that commercial needs to be on a top 10 list! Live Safe, is both innovative and inventive while just using Wrigley Candy! Yum!!!


9. **The Infinity Project

I SUPPORT THE INFINITY PROJECT! This ad for a very awesome animation campaign is both inventive and an absolute tear jerker to any animator!

10. TIE Amelia and Duarte and Son├ímbulo

Let's start first with Amelia and Duarte! This is absolutely the best use of pixilation used in anything! The film has a very clever love story concept that puts 4 book long romance stories (like Twilight) to shame!

Sonambulo is a very an imaginative piece of experimental animation! The film is both incredible to look at and very thought provoking! As the director said, "It's like if I was making this film asleep!"

Honurable Mentions

Fears- A fantastic Concept with a fascinating message

The Moustache, Funny, Hilarious, and absolutely an entertaining piece of animation!

**The Garden Ape- It's one of the cutest/sweetest things ever!

**The Diary of Ochibi- Fantastic Stop Motion, with an educational message for the family!

The Yellow Ball, Utterly Random, but very creative in world building!
Thanks for reading my OIAF 2015 Broadcast! Hope to see at OIAF 2016!

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