Thursday, 17 September 2015

David the Reporter... At OIAF 2015!!!!!!!!!!!! Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello Evreybody,
My name is David Cuevas and here was my second day at OIAF 2015!

The First thing that I did, was at 9:30 AM, I went to Saint Bridges to see Meet The Filmmakers of Short Film Competition 1! The Discussion was very interesting and amusing to listen and watch at! After that, I managed to interview 2 Directors from the Competition! The first one is Ryan Ines, The Director of Violet (who later on won the OIAF award for Best Undergraduate Animation)!
The Second Interview that I did was to the director of Sonámbulo, Theodore Ushev, who in 2013 got shortlisted for an Academy Award for his Film, Gloria Victoria!
After that, I headed to see the Horror Comedy, Possessed! If you don't mind Clay Gore and you really like Dark Comedy's, then see it! After the screening, I was really lucky to meet the director of the film, Sam Orti! Here's my interview with him!

After Possessed, I went to Short Film Competition 5, which in my opinion was the BEST short film screening of OIAF 2015! All of the short films in competition I liked or loved! Here is a list of my top 4 shorts from the Screening! World of Tommorow, Amelia and Duarte, Planeta de Queso, and Wrigley Live Safe!
World of Tomorrow

Wrigley 'LiveSafe'

Planeta de Queso

After this Amazing Screening, I went to see Michael Kurinsky, An Artists Growth at Sony Pictures Animation! The presentation from Michael was Brilliant and I though it was fantastic!

After the Michael Kurinsky Talk, I went too Pitch This!, where I was on of the kid pitchers! I had so much fun and I would like to say thanks to Azarin for making me part of this awesome event!
After the pitch this event was over, I went to Arts Court to try out the Oculus Rift, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! The game felt so realistic with the movement and the visual graphics were amazing!

After that, the last thing that I did, was to go to Feature Competition 3 for Adama, and it was a tour de force! The film was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone!

And that was my day at Thursday at the OIAF! Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post!

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