Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday at the OIAF!

Hello fellow readers,
Today is day 3 at the OIAF! Let's begin!!!!!
 Today, I had Norman Mac Lauren Animated Musician, The Whoopee Party (Mickey Mouse short films organised by Jerry Beck), Canadian Showcase, Feast, and Seth's Dominion! Let's begin!

In the morning at the Art's court theater, they played a very interesting documentary called Norman Mac Lauren Animated Musician! It was about the great Canadian animator, who found out how to use techno music on a role of audio film! It talks about how he uses his technology in his animations and videos. I thought this documentary was very intriguing and it was hard to look away at. After that, there were an awesome Q and A session after the documentary with the actual director, Donald McWilliams and Luigi Allemano! After that, I got a picture with Donald and Luigi!
After that, I went straight to the National Gallery to see the Whoopee Party (Classic Disney Shorts Curated by Jerry Beck)! All the shorts were so lovable and enchanting and I loved Jerry's Pick! My favorite one that Jerry picked was the one about the three little boys who lived in a shoe that floating through outer space! Jerry Beck is an animated historian from California who I met at the OIAF and who presented this presentation! You can find his awesome blog here!
After that, I went to Canadian Show case where I saw many zany and unique Canadian professional films! My favorite's were Monsieur Pug (I met the director Janet Perlman!!!!) and Wackatdooo!'

After that, I went to Feast! Feast is the new Disney short film that will be coming out with big hero 6 in November! Patrick Osborne gave an awesome presentation about his epic short! Go see Big Hero 6 in November just to watch this short! It is very cute and the animation is spectacular! Feast was one big yummy delight!

Then, the final event of the day was Seth's Dominion! This awesome animated Documentary directed by Luc Chamberland was awesome and very interesting and most likely one of the best movies I've seen all year! Luc was very nice and I even go a picture with him!!!
Ironically, the music in the movie was composed by Luigi Allemano who I met early on today!
Before the movie Seth's Dominion started, they played the newest Pixar short film that will be released with Inside Out in 2015, Lava! The short film was cute and the song that goes with it is so Catchy! I still have the song in my head! :) Here's a sneak preview of the short!

After that, the director (James Murphy) of Lava had a mini Q and A session and he actually sang the song from the movie of the ukulele! It was so funny!!!! After Seth's Dominion ended, I got a picture with James!
Seth's Dominion was a charming and wonderful documentary! If you want to go see my review for Seth's Dominion go to the Monday Morning Movie Magic icon on the right or click on the link below!

Well, it was a fun day!
See you in my next post!!!

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