Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday at the OIAF!

Hello readers,

I'm back from another great day from the OIAF!
Today, I went to six events which were Canadian Student Competion, Television Animation for kids Competion, The making of Dora the Explorer, Panel Pitch This!, TAC Television showcase, Cultural Academy, The history of present day Manga and Anime!

Let's start with the first event...

In the Canadian Student competion, there were many great and beautiful short films! My personal favorites were What is Art?, Leggo my Preggo (By , Le blanc, Pet, Unordinary Journey in an Ordinary day, Bobby, The hunt, Grounded, Wide Awake, and Lucy and the Limbs!

The second event was Television Animation for kids! My top favorites in that screening were A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log because the stop motion was well dome and the plot is hilarious and Regular Show The Last Laserdisc Player because it's most likely one of the best episodes they done!

After that, I went to Chateau Laurier to see the making of Dora the Explorer! It was really cool and fun! As a treat, I will give you some info about the Event!

When they come up with an idea for an episode, the creators write down the story and turn it to a screenplay! After that, they make the script into a story book. That takes 3 weeks to make. After that, they go to a random kindergarten classroom, they read the story to the kids. If not half of the kids a listening, then they don’t go on with the episode. If yes, they go on to the next step, the story boards! When the artists are all done the story boards, they had them in to the directors and put it in like a mini movie. Then, they go to a completely new kindergarten class room, and the mini sketch of the movie. Again, with not all the classroom kids are watching the screen, they either need to edit it, or restart from a different story! When the kids like the mini movie, they go on the final thing. The final product. They bring the movie to a completely new kindergarten classroom. If the kids like it, it’s sent to Nick JR! I just a few of the kids like it, then they do a few minor adjustment to make it better and they do step 3 again!

Back to the OIAF, I also got a picture of Me and the creator of Dora the Explorer!

Let's go to the next event, the TAC Panel Pitch This! Let me explain what Panel Pitch This is.... Before the event happened (like a few days ago), the TAC manager (Azarin Sohrabkhani) Gave me some info about two different shows that they are going to present in the panel. What I have to do, is take down notes of the two show and write down why I like them and what should be improved! The two shows are Wire Stories (Directed by Jonathan Ostos Yaber) and Beastly Bards (Directed by Hector Herrera and Pazit Cahlon)!

Then, I go to the event where I and another kid, came along with to critic the two shows. But before that happened,  the two (Or three) creators came along and gave a little info about there show. Then after that me and the other kids said what we like about the show and what should be improved. Then after that, other panelist from Nickelodeon told about there thoughts about the two shows. And that's how the pitch was! It was so much fun! I have actually and picture with both creators of the two shoes!
Before I can continue on the next event, I would like to say Thank you to Azarin Sohrabkhani for inviting me to this event! Thank you! :)
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Now to the next event! The TAC television showcase! In this event, they screened all different shows from Canada such as Dino Dan and Wild Kratts! It was cool!!!

After that I had, Cultural Alchemy: The history of Present day Manga and Anime! This event felt like a fun history lesson in a university! In this event, they showed really cool painting and comics such as the history of Astro Boy! It was cool and very intellectual!

Thanks for reading!
See you in my next post!

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