Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday at Stop-Mo!

Hello readers,
This is my second day at the stop motion film festival! Let's begin!

The first event that I went to was Professionals 1 screening! My favorites from this event were Blue Eyes in Harbor Tale (For it's great use of live-action with stop motion), Igam Ogam 2 (It's so funny and cute. Say no more!), and On the other side of the woods (A weird but interesting rendering to Little red riding hood without being violent).

My tops from this event were Goodbye Mister De Vries, Le coeur du tailleur, and Ain't No Fish!

After that, I headed to the screening Professionals 2/Awards Ceremony! My favorite's from the event were Padre (For being quite scary and intense, and for it's 3D like environment) and The Uncluded - Organs (for one of the funniest music videos I've seen all year!)

My favorites were Anatole's little Saucepan (For it's relatable story and great animation), Munya and me (For it's great character design and situations), Koyaa - Flower (For it's awesome set design.), Mr Plastimime (For it's inspirational story and characters), and Impostor (For it's funny and humorous journey off crazy proportions!)

Followed up from this event, there was the awards ceremony! I will now announce the winners of the Stop Motion Festival 2014!

Honourable Mentions:

Feast in a Fallen City

My Stuff Granny



Honorable Mentions:
Raging Balls Street Justice
Three's a Crowd

By Your Side

Honorable Mentions:
Blue Eyes in Harbor Tale


Munya in Me

Anatole's Little Saucepan

All the winners and Honorable Mentions were picked by Mark Osborne (Kung fu Panda), Pascal Blais (Pascal Blais Studios) and Georgina Hayns (Laika, Puppet fabricator)!

                              Georgina Hayns announcing the winners for best independent film
                           Mark Osborne announcing the winners for best Proffesional Film
                                    Laura Stewart (Blobby) winning in the academics section!

I would like to thank Erik Goulet for giving me many opportunities in the festival and all the employes and staff at the Stop Motion Festival. Thank you!

Well, I guess that's it! See you at stop motion next year! Puppet Power!!!!

                                                          Me with Mark Osborne
                                                              Me with Georgina Hayns
                                                                Me with Laura Stewart
                                        Me with the awards of the stop motion festival 2014!

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