Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday at the OIAF!

Hello readers,
This is the final day for the OIAF 2014! Let's begin on the final day! Today I had:

Disney made me Do It!
Motion Capture Workshop
The Little Mermaid
Aunt Hilda
Best of the festival

Let's Begin!
In the morning before the awesome motion capture workshop, there was an art exhibit going on in the arts court theater! It was called Disney made me do it! In this exhibit, there were paintings from a lot of cool Ottawa artists who sent in there Disney inspired art! This exhibit was really cool, so as a present for you guys, I made a mini Gallery walk video for you!

After that, I went to the motion capture workshop at arts court which was hosted by two universities which are Algonquin College and Carleton University. I would like to thank the professor of the BIT program, Chris Joslin, and all other people who were at that event, for picking me to be part of a motion capture! Thank you! :) Motion capture is the same technique of animation that they used for the Polar Express and Avatar. First you have to wear a black suit with a lot of Velcro on it. Then, the assistants will put on some white dots (Markers) on you're Velcro. Then they capture you're movements and then edit it on a different software.  If you want to see me move to make motion capture, watch the video below!

After that, I headed to Silver city to watch the movie The Little Mermaid! Before they played the movie, the actual directors gave a speech and then they played the short film feast again!
Then, they showed the movie! This movie was awesome on the big screen! You all have to see this movie on the big screen!
After that, I headed to the bytowne cinema, to watch my last movie at the OIAF, Aunt Hilda! This French animated movie which took 7 years to make, has a beautifully done animation, but a not very strong story nor characters. If you want to see my full review on the movie Aunt Hilda, click on the link below or click on the Monday Morning Movie Magic Icon on the right!

After that, I went to the final event at the OIAF, Best of the festival! There were only three that I liked out of all the short films that they played. Number one is a hilarious Russian animated short film called "We Can't live without Cosmos". This short film was not only funny, but also it has it's drama and suspense!
Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa
 At number two at my list is a short film called 1000 Plateaus, which fun fact, it took 10 years to make! Also, the director made it in a car! So cool! :) This experimental animation was absolutely an artistic treat!
1000 Plateaus (2004-2014) 

Then at number three, is an okay short called Marilyn Miller. A very well done short film but it doesn't have really a convincing plot. But one thing I love is the ending!
"Marilyn maketh, Marilyn taketh awayth"

Well, that's it for the OIAF! :( I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I'm David Cuevas reviewing the OIAF! Good bye animation festival!

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