Monday, 22 September 2014

Just one more thing about the OIAF!

Hello fellow readers,
Before I finally finish my OIAF celebration on Tick Tock Stories, I would like to thank Kelly Neall and all OIAF staff for picking me again to be one of the kids juries this year again and I would like to thank Azarin Sohrabkhani for picking me to be one of the critics/panelists in the event Panel Pitch this! Thank you so much!!! You guys rock! :)

As a present for the OIAF, I have two presents! The first one I'm going to show, is me at every single place where they screened a movie or a short film competition at the OIAF! Let's Start!

                                                              Bytowne Cinema!

                                                                  Ottawa Little Theatre
Chateau Laurier (Interior)
Arts Court
Silver city
 St. Brigid's
My second present is my first ever computer generated picture (Using paint) dedicated to the OIAF!
Well, that's it folks! There's just on more thing to do...
See you in my next post!
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