Saturday, 27 September 2014

Saturday at Stop-Mo!

Hello readers,
Today was such a fun day at the Montreal Stop Motion Festival! Let's start from the beginning of the day...

At the starting of the day, at noon, I went to the mega blocks event, which you can make your own mega blocks stop motion short! This event was held at the EV building at Concordia University! This is my short film that I made at that event!
Before I move on, I would like to thank,  for interviewing me an also posting me and some of my video on the Canadian Animation Blog! Thank you Grayden! :)

After that, I went to Academics 1! There were so many great shorts but my favorite's from this competition are, Wailing Whale (For it's use of dialogue), Cubed (For it's wonderful animation), Inquilinos (For it's hilarious humor), Boy and Fox (For it's sets), Graduations (For the interesting 2d puppets) , Canuck Black (For the coolest back story ever), and my favorite from this event, The Champ (For it's comedic animation, characters, and story!

Then I went to Independent films, were I saw from cute stuff animals to weird animation! These are my favorite short films of the event!
Horska (For it's sepia look), Dear November Boy (For it's cool marionettes), Robin (For it's wonderful use of nature), Three's a crowd (For it's dark characters and interesting plot), Husk (For it's awesome animation), Faceless Neil Out of the Darkness (For it's weird but creative intro to one big movie), Do Not Push (For it's weird and funny style), and my favorite, By you're side (For it's awesome puppets and music!).

After that, I went to the sold out event of the festival, behind the scenes of the box trolls! In this event, puppet fabricator and supervisor from Laika, Georgina Hayns gave a very intriguing and interesting presentation  talking about how they made the puppets for the movie the box trolls and other movies that they made such as Coraline and ParaNorman!
After the wonderful presentation, I got a picture with Georgina (She was very nice!) and I actually touched these puppets from the movie:


 Fish and Spectacle
Me with Georgina!

Well, it was a fun day! But there's still tomorrow!
See you at Sunday!
See you at my next post!

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