Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday at the OIAF!

Hello fellow readers,
Today was the first day of the OIAF! Today, I went to two events, Animation Celebration and Lisa Lemone and Maroc Orange! Let's start with Animation Celebration!

Animation Celebration is an event meant for schools for grades 4-6 in Ottawa! Before the event happens, there's a animation area where you can fiddle with animation app on the NFB and also make you're own flip book! It's really fun!

After that, the event happens! Last year, Ben Joseph, A screen writer for a animated TV shows came in and gave us great tips on how to write a script!

This year, a composer called Serge Cote and a Sound mixer named Howard Sonnenburg came in and presented how they made the music and the sound effects for an animated TV show! It was really fun and Serge and Howard were really nice and cool!
If you want to see what happened in this event, click on the video below!
(P.S Thank you OIAF staff for letting me go to this event, even though it's for schools only!)

Then, after that, I went at 7PM to see Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange A rapid love story! Here's the trailer for the movie!

The movie was bad (Sorry if the director is reading this!). I didn't like it at all! If you want to see my review for my movie click on the link below or click on the Monday Morning Movie Magic Icon on the right side of this webpage!

Oh well! It was one fun day! I'm David Cuevas reporting from the OIAF 2014! Over and out!
 (P.S After Animation Celebration, I got interviewed by Stu Mills!)

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